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        Shenxian Li Shengyuan New Energy Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1993, after restructuring in March 2007 as a private limited liability company, is the production of soybean oil fatty acids, specialized factory. Covers an area of 46.62 thousand square meters, construction area of 10,000 square meters, the company's existing cadres and employees 60 people, including professional and technical personnel 6 people, annual production of 8,000 tons of soybean oil fatty acid / year, 3,000 tons of by-product of Pointe-Noire / year. 
        Use of advanced high pressure mixing the new hydrolysis technology, outer loop vacuum extraction method, filler filtration. Key equipment imported from abroad, the process to achieve microcomputer automatic control, high-tech products. Are widely used in paint, oil, household chemicals, rubber, textiles, plastics, pharmaceutical and other industries. 
        Enterprises have been named as: Technology Demonstration enterprise, key technological transformation projects provincial enterprise, key technological transformation projects provincial enterprise, vigor and national Spark Program implementation of demonstration enterprises, was awarded the 1997 Annual Provincial Science and Technology Spark Second Prize, the National Science and Technology Commission awarded The "Spark plans to implement the tenth anniversary of" 85 "Agricultural science and technology research results Expo" Award for outstanding projects and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology Social Development Fund Egypt Pyramid Award. 
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